Backpod® ™ is an award winning portable and easy-to-use home treatment for upper back and neck pain.

Great for treating Costochondritis, Thoracic motion and perfecting your posture.

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We’re happy you’ve found us! You’re about to change your life and save money by reducing the need for expensive spine unlocking treatments.

We’ve used our 30 years of expertise to develop Backpod, an International Award-Winning home treatment, designed to stretch your joints free. We know what actually works when it comes to treating spines, specifically the following conditions:


If you spend your days hunched over your laptop, tablet or smartphone you maybe be suffering from iHunch without even realising. Backpod is a treatment solution for hunched upper back pain, neck pain and headaches. In other words, all people who get sore bending forwards – especially smartphone, laptop and tablet users.


Backpod is designed to stretch tight rib joints causing the breastbone pain of Costochondritis and Tietze’s Syndrome, as well as rib pain in pregnancy. The design of Backpod allows the rib cage to free up, which means overall improved breathing. Backpod also helps with Asthma, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rib Pain in Pregnancy, Scoliosis and Scheuermann’s Disease.


Backpod is specifically designed to pull a hunched spine back towards pain-free perfect posture. It’s not just the pain and headache – a hunching spine sends a message of submission and lack of self-confidence. Perfect posture gets attention.




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